Expect More

On Monday 18 March 2019, Barnes Primary had the privilege of having our local MP Zac Goldsmith coming to visit.

Zac gave us a little speech on climate change and how it will effect the whole wide world.

He also told us that a few years ago all the politicians in the world met in Paris to discuss climate change and to stop the world from reaching 2 degrees hotter but now they want to make sure the world doesn’t reach 1.5 degrees. The only problem is that all the politicians don’t care about reaching 1.5 degrees, any more only 2 degrees. When he was done we were allowed to ask questions and this is what Jack Fernie asked Zac: “Zac, which do you think is more important Brexit or climate change?”.

Zac replied: “There is no doubt in my mind that climate change is more important than Brexit”.


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