Expect More

Hi I’m Herbie.  I work with Polly, our Wellbeing Mentor, looking after the children at Barnes Primary School.  I’m very very important and you will see me on the staff noticeboard if you look carefully.  I love hanging out in the different classrooms and Polly and I have our own room next to Year 6.  I keep my biscuits and my toys in there.  I’m ready to help with any problem but sometimes I just like to sit quietly with someone until they feel better.  My main hobbies are chasing tennis balls and swimming in ponds but I also love reading as you see below.  My work is quite tiring and sometimes I just need a little rest.  I’ve been at Barnes Primary School for nearly a year now and I’m even allowed into Miss Jepson’s office and assemblies.  It’s a great job and I’m a lucky dog.


Healthy School London