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London to Amsterdam (L2A) – Friday 14th June and Saturday 15th June 2019
46 cyclists completed two days of gruelling cycling to raise much needed funding for our school. Last year there were 30 cyclists; this time there were around 16 more – a huge group.  All of them were beautifully organised and prepared by a team of keen parent cyclists.

As last year, there was a special send off at 9.05 am on the Friday. Children from Year 1 to Year 6 lined the building and local streets, holding hands and forming two extended lines: one from the Key Stage 1 playground to the Key 2 site and a second from the playground to the Cross Street/Westfields Avenue intersection. All pupils had a chance to see the bikes and meet the riders before school started.  Day 1 was approximately 92 miles, from Barnes to Harwich; Day 2 was shorter, at 75 miles, from The Hook of Holland to Amsterdam. A slightly less direct route was taken to make the second day a little longer than it would have been if a direct route had been followed.  A huge thank you to a wonderful welcoming party made up of wives, husbands, partners and children who had flown out to make a family weekend of it.

On the cyclists safe return, a video of the ride was shared with the children.  This ride made an amazing £40,000 for our school.  There is now an annual event taking place with more and more parents and staff (many whom have not ridden before) keen to take part.