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In our three reception classes we are very keen to strengthen the learning partnership between home and school. We know how much your children enjoy playing games and we realise the enormous potential playing games has for developing early understanding about number. So we will be sending one game home each week to parents via parentmail. Games will be varied and help children develop a wide range of different skills in an enjoyable way. Everything required to play will be included in what we send out to you. All you need to do is print off resources, do a spot of cutting or folding and read the simple instructions (10 minutes at most). In addition, as children are introduced to the games and they are distributed to you they will be all be posted here, in order. Our games always have an ‘extra for experts’ challenge included if your child is doing especially well. We hope you enjoy playing these games with your child.

Phase 6 game 7 Ladder

phase 6 game 7 number cards template

Phase 6 game 6 book tally

Phase 6 game 6 book tally graph

Phase 6 game 8 What’s the time

Phase 6 game 8 time question card

Phase 6 game 1 number bonds

phase 6 game 1 number bonds template

Phase 6 game 4 Number stories

Phase 6 game 2 pattern challenge

Phase 5 game 10 Ten Nice Things

Phase 5 game 9 Three in a Row

Phase 5 game 9 three in a row gameboard

Phase 5 game 9 counter template

Phase 5 game 8 Pipe Cleaner Numbers

phase 5 game 7 number cards template

Phase 5 game 6 shape picture

Phase 5 game 5 counter pattern

Phase 5 game 5 counter template

Phase 5 game 4 number cards template

Phase 5 game 4 go fish

Phase 5 game 3 number snap

phase 5 game 3 number cards template

phase 5 game 2 number line

Phase 5 game 2 guess the number

Phase 5 game 1 dominos template

Phase 5 game 1 Dominoes

Phase 4 game 5 path for teddy

Phase 4 game 5 digit cards

Phase 4 game 4 smelly socks

Phase 4 game 3 counter template

Phase 4 game 3 hide the counter

Phase 4 game 2 estimation


Phase 4 game 1 dominos template


How to play dominoes

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