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Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility.  Barnes Primary School endeavours to provide a safe and welcoming environment where children are respected and valued.  Child protection forms part of the school’s safeguarding responsibilities. Here is a link to our Safeguarding & Child Protection Policy

If a parent or carer has any concern about the health and safety of their child at our school, they should share this information with an appropriate member of staff.

Name and position


Designated safeguarding Leads

·         Sue Jepson (overall lead officer)

·         Jade Huxley

·         Anna Freeland

·         Pollyanna Kelynack






Designated governor for safeguarding

·         Nigel Standing

·        Elizabeth Baggalay




E-Safety Lead

·         James O’Donnell



Wellbeing Mentor

·         Pollyanna Kelynack



First Aid trained staff

Surname First Name Qualification Expiry Date
VALLADE (FT) Natalie Paediatric 13-Nov-21
MARTIROSSIAN (FT) Lily Paediatric 07-Aug-20
BEARD (FT) Ray Forest School Paediatric 19-Jun-20
BYRNE (FT) Sara Paediatric 13-Jul-20
PEARSON (PT) Angela Paediatric 06-Sep-21
KALER (FT) Simeron Paediatric 26-Nov-20
ZOBDEH (FT) Kristina Paediatric 06-Sep-21
MOSS (FT) Christine Paediatric 13-Nov-21
BLAIR (PT) Lucy Paediatric 28-Sep-22
PASHLEY (FT) Tom Paediatric 08-Oct-22
ENJARIE (FT) Lama Paediatric 09-Oct-22
BAHLOULI (PT) Bida Emergency Paediatric 10-Nov-19
LEHMAN (PT) Jasmine Emergency Paediatric 10-Nov-19
CHILDS (FT) Hannah Paediatric 02-Jul-22
DOVE (FT) Joolia Paediatric 02-Jul-22

Useful links

  • Child Line:  0800-1111  (contact number for children)

You can contact us to request support, or to report a concern about a child or young person: 020 8547 5008

020 8943 8188

Provides practical, emotional and advocacy support to male and female victims of domestic abuse. They offer expert guidance and support for victims going through civil and criminal courts and can provide advice on safety, housing, benefits and child contact arrangements.

Recent staff training

Professional training Staff member
Child protection ·         All staff including FFS & Caterlink (September 2019)

·         All staff including FFS & Caterlink (September 2019)

Child protection ·         Level 2 – Sue Jepson

·         Level 3 – Sue Jepson (November 2019)

First Aid ·         All staff (September 2019)

·         All staff (September 2018)

.         All staff (September 2017)

Safer Recruitment ·         Sue Jepson      (February 2017)

·         Antonia Lord   (February 2017)

·         Nigel Standing (February 2017)

Safeguarding .         Level 1, 2 & 3 – Jade Huxley (December 2019)

.         Level 1, 2 & 3 – Polly Kelynack (June 2018)

.         Level 1, 2 & 3 – Anna Freeland (June 2018)