Gallery of Antiquity

046 The children’s achievements are celebrated throughout our school website. Sometimes we don’t want to forget about the quality of the outcomes they have achieved in years gone by – so we celebrate it here in The Gallery of Antiquity.

We Love Barnes – Arts Week 2015











African Heritage – Arts Week 2014


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Reuse, Recycle, Reduce: Create – Arts Week 2013

Many wonderful creations were produced from discarded materials. Reception pupils made a turtle. IMG_9850 Year 5 pupils made a design using old pieces of felt. IMG_9784 Year 6 produced a map of the local area using out-of-date magazines. IMG_9868 Nursery pupils created sparkling designs by dropping plastic items and shiny stones onto plaster of paris. They arranged small plastic items and shiny stones to make a sparkling design. IMG_9892 Year 2 pupils created simple spirals using pieces of cut off card. IMG_9963   Young learners in Key Stage 1 used their hands and fingers to create this highly original design IMG_9861 Some of the children in the nursery used a similar technique to the one Jackson Pollock employed.




Reception pupils created their own version of Kandinsky’s concentric rings design.


Year 5 pupils found some old tin drink cans and created an individual design like the one below


These designs were all put together to make wonderful displays.



They also produced some beautifully crafted pottery.


Meanwhile Year 3 were scratching around on some old tin take away lids.



Arts: Get Set, Go – Arts Week, February 2012

 Life drawing of a model

Ancient Greek container, 5W

Diwali pots, 5W

London skyline, 3GL

 Plastic designs, 5GS

Olympic rings, 3O

School photograph competition, September 2011

Creative journal contributions, Years 6, 2010-11

Outcomes from Itching to StitchSummer Term 2011:


Year 6‘s remarkable, and enormous, piece of embroidery.

One of the many stuffed, felt birds created by pupils in Year 2.

A few highlights from 2010…

Arts Project 2010 Please be patient: just 2 minutes to download. Sustainable house designs 2010: again, won’t be long! Richmond Park models – you’ve been patient so far: 2 more minutes?

One of the children’s favourite outcomes from the 2010 Arts Project was the full-size humpbacked whale they made. This has now been suspended from the Key Stage 1 hall following its trip to Westminster as part of an anti-whale hunting protest.

There are some outstanding designs at our school. Featured above are a house of the future designed for sustainable living; Nessie the dragon made from old computer parts and a symmetrical stone circle created by pupils in Year 2. Below are three panels taken from two separate nine panel computer generated compositions. They show pupils’ versions of Pablo Picasso’s famous painting, ‘Guernica’.