Sport and physical fitness are very strong indeed at our school. A wide range of opportunities are offered and the quality of our sporting provision is manifested by how many trophies our teams win; how many children participate in optional, after school sports clubs and how much they say they enjoy taking part in sport and physical activity.

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Sport at Barnes – statement of intent

The underlying principles behind our approach to sport are as follows: 

  • taking part in sport, and enjoying doing so, is the birthright of all pupils
  • competitive sport is not antithetical to a school ethos that holds equality of opportunity in the highest regard
  • captivating and sustaining pupils’ interest in sport at an early age will lead to a lifelong interest and involvement in sport and physical activity.

Put simply, we want all children to take part in and enjoy sport and physical activity; we also want them to be aware of the importance of physical activity and sport in leading a healthy life.Staff at school work long and hard to offer as many sporting opportunities to children as possible. These take place both within and outside the school day and also through before and after school clubs. All children participate in a minimum of two hours of physical education a week: one hour indoor and one hour outdoor.

Feedback from our annual parent questionnaire, together with some more informal feedback, reveals that some parents are either confused by, or not happy with, our arrangements for choosing children to represent the school in either Richmond borough sporting events or inter-school matches. So we would like to establish some clarity.All children are involved in competition in our three Sports day events, when they represent their house: Key Stage 1: July; Key Stage 2: September and July.All teams will be selected through trial or observation assessment. This will involve:

  • specific sport trials conducted by Brian Jones, Connor Hartley or Scott Griffin
  • observations by Brian Jones, Connor Hartley and classteachers in timetables lessons
  • observations during the lunchtime clubs run by Brian Jones in the run up to Richmond borough tournaments.

Everyone will be given a chance to compete for a place in a school team or a Richmond borough event, butplaces will be allocated on merit, according to performance level: the strongest children will be chosen. Because of significant time restrictions (there are so many competitive events that our children are involved in) if a pupil is absent at the time that a trial takes place they won’t be considered for a team. No child will be allowed to play for more than four teams.It is wonderful that so many children attend morning or after school clubs run by Brian Jones, or another provider. This does not guarantee any child attending a place in a team. Getting more practise by attending a club will almost certainly lead to those involved securing improvements in ability, but it does not automatically follow that a pupil attending will secure a place in the school team. Please note that our before school sports clubs were set up following a funding mechanism created after the 2012 London Olympics. The purpose of this fund was for schools to create additional opportunities for all children to be physically active and have fun whilst involved in physical activity.

Jon Kaufman, our table tennis coach, will pick our school table tennis team.

We fully appreciate that some children may really want to represent the school but may, unfortunately, notbe at the same standard as those pupils who are chosen. This is a hard lesson, but it is also a part of life. In order to provide enjoyable additional opportunities for this group of children we will be organising more ‘within school’ matches, where two Barnes teams compete against each other. Friady In addition, as far as time allows, we will try to organise more staff v pupils matches, as we know that the children really enjoy such events.We believe that this statement to be reasonable, balanced and clear. We expect and look forward to parents respecting it and trusting us that we will abide by it.


Local schools Athletics Event, September 2015


Sports Day, July 2016



2015-16 outcomes included our girls’ table tennis team being placed 3rd nationally in the English National Table Tennis tournament, having won both the London and the south-East of England tournaments





Under the coaching of Brian Jones all children get fitter and learn the key skills needed to enjoy the following sports:

  • Autumn Term:  netball and rugby
  • Spring Term:  football and athletics
  • Summer Term:   cricket and tennis



Early morning or lunchtime training sessions are held for team members preparing for competitive matches and skipping sessions are held on the Key Stage 2 site at breaktimes. The standard of skipping at the school is quite extraordinary! Watch this to see the children in action.

All children are asked to purchase a skipping rope and a tennis ball to develop their skills. In addition, all Key Stage 2 pupils receive coaching in table tennis from Jon Kaufman, our table tennis teacher.

The large number of after school clubs devoted to sport and the extensive range of house competitions extend sporting provision at our school.

Gymnastics demonstration: Year 2 pupils, Wednesday 25th January 2012