Expect More

Every year since 2007 the teachers and the children have made films.  Here is the Headteacher’s personal selection of some of the very best films that have been created over the past decade.

Yr4 – Evacuee, 2019

Art Alive, 2011

Some like it Hot, 5W, 2008

What Shall we do with the Scurvied Sailor, 2009


London’s Burning, Year 2, 2010

The Christmas Truce, 5W, 2015

 The Eco Children, 1A, 2013

The Journey of Paper, Year 6, 2013

The Recycled Trousers, 3G, 2013

Strict, 1H, 2015

How a map can save your life, 4P, 2010

The Honey Hive Alive, 3GP, 2014