Expect More

It has been another vintage year for highly original, stylised films by the children at Barnes. This year we had the treat of having them premiered at The Olympic Cinema in Barnes. Two packed houses (they were sitting in the aisles!) forsook the Sunday lie in, smiling, laughing and cheering out loud at the magical films children and their teachers created.

The fascination our Barnes bees hold for the children can be seen in our two wonderful Year 3 films. First up is 3GP with a touch of romance as The Hive Comes Live.

Children in 3P looked at the bees from another angle, discovering how and why they dance around as they do. Get ready for some shimmying as you discover how bees communicate through dance.

Year 6 read an abridged version of Charles Dickens’s ‘A Christmas Carol’ just before Christmas. They created their own updated version of the story – this time with a female miser. Sit back and enjoy ‘The Redemption of Eloisa Scrooge’.

Year 2 are getting about a bit! With a Beach Boys’ soundtrack, they investigate the local area. The children undertake a geographical enquiry about how they all get to school. They create a wonderful visual, human graph to display their findings.

It’s Year 1’s turn now, explaining how they develop strength, balance and flexibility in the gymnasium. These children certainly appreciate the importance of keeping fit and healthy and the critical role regular exercise has in maintaining good health.

What was life like in Barnes in 1939 at the start of World War II. Find out in Grandpa’s Diary, 4M’s latest film. This one won an oscar for the most authentic costumes.

Everyone in 4O is concentrating and on task . . . all but one pupil. He’s daydreaming about how people managed to stay healthy during the war years when rationing was enforced. Notice the broadcasting style common in information films at this time.