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The government has provided additional funding since academic year 2013/14 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding has been allocated to primary school Headteachers. It is ring-fenced so schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport but have the freedom to choose how they do this. In September 2017, the Department for Education announced the doubling of the Primary PE & Sport Premium.

In 2017/18 Barnes Primary’s funding allocation was £19,810. The money was assigned towards additional expenditure on PE and sport as follows:

  • Employing a dedicated sports Teaching Assistant (part year) and extending administrative hours (part year) to allow pupils to participate in more competitive sport (£4,500);
  • Providing additional sporting clubs four mornings per week, many of which are targeted at those children who either profess not to like sport or who don’t have the opportunity to access it outside school (£3,600)
  • Installing a climbing boulder to develop upper body strength and skills (£7,150);
  • Installing a balance sculpture in the quiet playground to encourage children who are more reserved at playtime to move around and so develop strength and skills (£3,380);
  • Extending pitch markings in one KS2 playground to increase the number of consecutive games that can be played on the artificial grass (£1,295)
  • Disability Awareness in Sport training course attendance by our PE teacher (£350).

Outcomes to date:

Sports Teaching Assistant: this appointment was made part way through 2017/18 and has given the school significant additional capacity to both organise sports events and to accompany pupils to fixtures off site as well as organising a new intra-school competition programme which will allow the majority of our pupils to play competitively during the year:


The percentage of children per year group that have taken

part in at least one competitive sporting fixture against

another school:

Year 3 – 34%

Year 4 – 50%

Year 5 – 48% (higher if cricket tournament hadn’t been rained off)

Year 6 – 70%

The percentage of children per year group who have taken

part in one of the newly instigated intra-school Friday matches:

Year 3 – 83%     (53 out of 64 children)

Year 4 – 93%     (37 out of 40 children)

Year 5 – 73%     (33 out of 45 children)

Year 6 – 64%     (29 out of 45 children)

  • Presentation to governors Sept 2018

Morning clubs: these are open to children of all sporting abilities and pupils with sedentary lives outside school are encouraged to join. Nearly 100 places are taken up at these clubs each week.

Tuesday           8.00 – 9.00Ball Skills Club
Wednesday     8.00 – 9.00Tag Rugby Club
Thursday         8.00 – 9.00Indoor Athletics Club
Friday              8.00 – 9.00Fitness Club

Climbing boulder: “I love the climbing boulder more than anything. I can get all the way round without touching the floor.”

– Y1 pupil

Balance sculpture: “It is wonderful to see S, who wouldn’t go near any of the climbing equipment, happily balancing on the crocodile and jumping between the tail pads. Having such resources in the quiet playground has really helped the more restrained children to be active.”

– Learning Support Assistant

Pitch markings: “Now we can have two football games going on at once so everyone can get a go but there’s still a big pitch for competitive games.”

– Y5 pupil

Sports Disability Awareness training: “I loved sports day. I came first in one race and second in the other.  My house won the cup this year and I think my points got us over the line.”

– Y4 pupil, wheelchair user

We have recently had confirmation that the Primary PE & Sport Premium will continue at the higher rate for at least 2018/19. The funds we receive will be earmarked for the following initiatives to further improve our PE and sport provision:

  • Continuing with previous initiatives that have successfully increased pupils’ engagement in sport in order to bring such benefits to a new generation of pupils, specifically continuing to employ a sports TA and increase sports administration resource and providing morning sports and fitness clubs to pupils;
  • Commissioning multi sports pitch markings in the second Key Stage 2 playground;
  • Organising a sports focus week to widen our pupils’ sporting experience;
  • Extending the climbing trim trail in Key Stage 1 to continue to develop core strength and skills in our younger pupils;
  • Furthering the Outdoor Adventurous Activities project by undertaking OAA training for teachers;
  • Working with an organisation that runs activity programmes to provide sports training sessions, games and matches at break and lunchtimes;
  • Early Years dance and movement training for our PE teacher, which will be cascaded to all teaching staff.