Autumn Sports Day 2017

What a finish to the Key Stage 2 Autumn Term Sports Day 2017: with two races left Mortlake were ahead overall, with Castelnau very close behind and Bank just behind Castelnau. What happened? In an amazing conclusion the overall winners were Bank, Castlenau were second and Mortlake third. The event was won in the final race of the 50 or so that took place.

Final positions:

1st  Bank           

2nd  Castelnau             

3rd  Mortlake           

4th  Beverly   

A highly enjoyable local schools Sports Day took also took place at this time. A couple of photographs of that highly successful event are also included here.        

Photographs from October 2017


Photographs from October 2016



010 (2)


024 (2)





044 (2)