Expect More

Have a look at the wonderful, intriguing and varied films created by pupils and their teachers during the 2012-13 academic year.


Watch out for Super Sid the Recyling Kid – he’ll not take any nonsense when it comes to recycling.


Here’s the reception children retelling their own version of the classic children’s fairy tale, Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

Year 1  

The Eco Children has won an Oscar for the extraordinary sword fight sequence early in the film. Vanity Fair stated ‘Few sword fights between teachers in primary schools have been so compelling as this one’. There’s more than a Tudor banquet and the clash of metal in this film though. Watch the children as they find out about where food comes from now and where it came from in Tudor times. Enjoy the dead pan dead pig line/

Year 3

The 3O Eco Avengers decide that enough is enough: it’s time for a change. Watch them take on the wasters, the landfill bandits and the plain thoughtless. 

Year 3

Whatever did happen to that pair of Mr Hartley’s trousers that got ripped one day and resulted in him having to keep a particularly low profile. Where did they end up? Watch 3G’s film and you might be pleasantly surprised. This witty piece reveals just how committed everyone at Barnes is to our reusing and recycling pledge.

Year 4  

It might not be a very pleasant subject, but it’s an important part of human biology and something all living things have in common: they excrete! 4P investigated, in a polite way of course, how poo (let’s use the slang word) is made. Please do not watch this if you are squeamish or if you have been diagnosed with a medical condition.

Year 5

5CW’s teacher, Ms Wilson, is fascinated by the public information films that were shown on television and in cinemas in the 1960s. Her class created their very own public information film providing a guide to pupils’ health.

Year 6

Year 6 consider the tension between man’s need for paper and the earth’s need for trees. All the drawings use in the animated section of this film were created by the children.