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We continually evaluate the provision we offer. We aim to be a listening, reflective organisation that is constantly looking for ways to improve. Our latest, evidence based self-evaluation appears below. It provides a comprehensive overview evaluation of our school. It is rich in data analysis and it also succinctly outlines our future goals and objectives.

School Evaluation Form (SEF) September 2018 094

As a reflective organisation, one that continually strives to improve and develop the quality of provision we offer, we see great value in conducting cyclical internal reviews of practice. To that end we schedule annual internal Key Stage Reviews. We see insight as the outcome of reflection and we see great value in hearing different perspectives from different stakeholders. So a Key Stage leader conducts a self-review with her team members. Governors and members of Achieving for Children (Richmond’s Local Authority school support services) join the Headteacher and the Deputy Headteacher. Part of the process involves the Key Stage team offering a presentation on their successes and their vision for future development. All those involved, including the Key Stage leader and class teachers, contribute evaluative information. The Headteacher then writes this up in the form of an evaluation report. This is subsequently used as an action plan for future development. The four most recent evaluation reports are:

The Early Years – January 2018

Key Stage 1 – November 2018

Lower Key Stage 2 – November 2017

Upper key Stage 2 – May 2018

We also believe in continuous, ongoing organisational improvement. To that end we create ambitious one year School Improvement Plans. Each plan follows the financial year, beginning on 1st April and finishing on March 31st. It informs how we spend our annual budget and the content of our annual continuing professional development programme.We regularly evaluate the progress that is being made towards meeting the targets on these plans. Each year the new plan is closely aligned to the previous one, with curriculum subjects frequently having a two year focus. Our current School Improvement Plan (2018-19) began on 1st April 2018.

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