Expect More

We believe that it is of great importance for all people to master at least one other language. Our view is that learning a language should start early and that it should be fun. We have been offering French lessons for pupils in Years 2 to 6 for a considerable time now and, from September 2015, all Key Stage 2 pupils attend a weekly assembly that was entirely in French – no English was spoken at all. On this occasion they hear a familiar story containing a repetitive structure and are helped by the use of many clear visual images. Our lessons involve plenty of speaking and listening, lots of opportunities to role play simple scenes and the use of the Rigolo animation programme. Our oldest pupils, in Upper Key Stage 2, also do a small amount of writing.

This is our French curriculum.

Here’s are two films of some Year 6 children in a French travel agents.

Here’s a film of some Year 4 children reading the weather forecast in French (March 2018)

Madame Tisci joined us at the start of the Spring Term 2018, following the departure of Madame Caffrey.

An overview of our French curriculum is available by clicking here. Feedback about French lessons from the pupils – obtained through semi-structured small group interviews during our cyclical internal reviews – is extremely positive. To improve pupils’ French we also host a couple of French student teachers for a four week period in the Spring Term.  In addition, French is one of the many community languages that is heard in our annual House Reading in a Language other than English competition which is held in the Spring Term. There are also after school French clubs. We have two skilled French teachers: Madame Tisci and Helen Leissle . Both of them really enjoy teaching French. Watch a further clip of some previous Year 6 pupils – in full costume – purchasing items at a shop.