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During the course of the academic year pupils speaking and listening, reading and writing will be developed through studying units of learning based around the following texts:

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A biography of Ebenezer Scrooge by TK-m, Year 6, December 2016

Heard of a fellow called Ebenezer Scrooge? A self-centred, obnoxious, pusillanimous banker who had a reputation that the whole of London probably knew. What a guy! How he changed his ways. Well he had to . . .

He was brought into the world in 1783. Ebenezer’s life was greatly shaped by the influences in his early life. Albert Scrooge, his father, was an inhumane city banker who treated Scrooge in a way no father should. His mother, Janet, died at his birth, so from his father’s point of view he killed her. So every year when the holidays came around Ebenezer, who had no friends (he was a loner), was left at school. Many selfish habits that he inherited were from his father. He grew up to be a reflection of his father, until one life-shaping night!

While he was a young boy Scrooge’s sister, Holly, passed away. This certainly affected his future. He never made any more friends – real ones that is. As he was a keen reader his only companions were characters in books. By the age of twelve Scrooge had devoured every novel in the school library.

To Scrooge’s joy, one Autumn day in 1879, it was time for him to finally leave boarding school – his second home – and return to the family residence. However, his life was about to take another turn for the worse. He was given the news that his father had arranged for him to become an apprentice at Mr. Fezziwigs, a wealthy cloth merchant. The joyous reunion he so desperately longed for with his estranged father had been shattered. He was left devastated.During his time at Mr. Fezziwigs he befriended a beautiful woman: Belle. One Christmas Eve he made the move: he asked her for a dance. By the end of the night . . . they were together. Soon after, eager to develop his business life, Scrooge joined his father’s bank: Marley and Scrooge. When their time came Scrooge and Jacob, Ebenezer’s father’s compatriot’s son, became the most tight-fisted bankers in London.

A few years later Scrooge’s relationship with Belle ended. According to Belle she was replaced by a golden-idol: money! This was the nail in the coffin for Scrooge. Their profit was created in a shameful way – charging extravagant interest rates. What ‘scumbags’! Then, very suddenly, Jacob died. If it wasn’t for one phenomenal and mysterious Christmas Eve Scrooge would only be remembered for his parsimonious and unscrupulous ways. After locking up his counting house he made his way home – to his bleak house. He sat down and started sipping some soup. Then, the dead Marley burst in! With him he brought three spectres – phantoms that would change his life. They showed him his past, his present and his possible future.

Never in the history of mankind has a man changed so dramatically. It’s extraordinary how he was the most penny-pinching, spiteful man in London and yet he became the most benevolent, sympathetic gentleman that ever lived in that great city. By the age of seventy Scrooge had made up for all his bad deeds. Unfortunately my biography is now drawing to a close. I hope now you have read this that you can learn from Scrooge’s life story. Everyone can change!