Expect More

In 2011 our annual arts week was entitled ‘Art Alive’. Famous works of art were brought to life in a memorable theme week. The photographs below offer a glimpse of this wonderful happening. We know that 2011 is a while ago now, but we find it hard to let these wonderfully creative memories go!

Year 5O – ‘A Sunday afternoon in the garden of La Grande¬†Jatte’ by Georges Seurat

Year 5W – ‘Guernica’ by Pablo Picasso

2 large canvasses created by children from different classes

Year 6 – Monet: water lillies

More Monet by Year 6 pupils

Year 6 – Kandinsky

Year 5 – Seurat’s ‘Sunday afternoon on the island of La Grand Jatte’

The background is almost complete. Now children are creating the figures. The children’s picture is about 3 metres by 2 metres. It’s huge.

Year 5 – Picasso’s ‘Guernics’ is taking shape.

Year 4 – Warhol’s Marilyn animation

Year 4 – Tony Cragg

Year 4 pop up cards


Reception- Kandinsky

Year 2 – Waves

Year 5 – big canvases


Year 5 Seurat

Ms. Garofalo’s group