Expect More

Enjoy 9 wonderful films made by pupils during the third year of our film making initiative. This year some teachers have added a historical dimension to their science films.

All the films on this page are embedded into the school’s website. Please note that at the end of the film children using this site will have access to the You Tube website.

First up it’s a Year 2 production: ‘London’s Burning’. Children recount the events of 1666 and discover why the Great Fire destroyed so much of London so quickly. The film is directed by Katherine Cowpe and Claire Marshment.

Year 1 find out about the best materials for rebuilding their houses after some remarkable newspaper footage and media coverage of the dastardly deeds of the Big Bad Wolf. ‘Super Dry’ is directed by Jerry Aguilera and Laura Mills.

‘How to Keep Cool and Stay Hidden from the Enemy’

Gareth Mantle and 4M find out about the importance of people blacking out their homes during the London blitz of 1940. Travelling both back and forward in time, they discover the most opaque material that will create the best possible blackout curtains.

‘The Wizard School’

Some healthy scepticism, along with nifty detective work , enable three smart young scientists to uncover the racket of a pair of charlatan magicians in this crafty caper from 3M.

Nursery children revel in this short film about rockets. The memorable countdown at the start is a real treat. Enjoy ‘Blast Off’, a Little Kids production, directed by Julian Shepard.

‘How a Map can Save your Life’

A 4P film, based on historical events, about how the cause of the dreadful disease cholera was first discovered. Cathy Potter’s film is an excellent sequel to her 2009 film about how a cure for scurvy was found.

‘Toy Story’

Reception classes find out about toys past and present in this wonderful film directed by Jade Baxter and Luci Ducker.

‘The Great Wall of Richmond Park’

3GL  find out all about the history of the park. This documentary features pupils taking the role of presenter and providing a chronological account of how rules and regulations concerning the park have changed over time. The film is directed by Bridget Grant and Helen Leissle.

‘A Lark in the Park’

3GL do a variety of different types of learning and have some fun in Richmond Park in this film which accompanies their historical documentary.