Expect More

The following eight films were all made during the Autumn of 2009 as part of our Scientists on Camera initiative. All the films on this page are embedded into the school’s website.

Reception science film 2009 – ‘May the Force Be with You’

Jade Baxter introduces reception pupils to forces.

May the Force Be with You

Year 5P – ‘What Shall we do with the Scurvied Sailor’? Cathy Potter and 5P

were the winner of the Best Science Investigation award with this

film in The National Physics Laboratory science film competition, 2010.

What Shall We Do with a Scurvied Sailor

‘The Big Chew’ – 3GL’s find out about the different teeth human beings

have and the job each of them does. Bridget Grant and Helen Leissle

directed this film which was nominated for an award at the 2010

National Physics Laboratory science film awards competition.

The Big Chew

Year 2 travel to the farm for a day to find out about the

drying process and how quickly washing can be collected in when it rains

in ‘Pick up a Pile of Pegs’. Directed by Katherine Cowpe and Claire Marshment.

Pick up a Pile of Pegs

Children in the nursery try their hand at a bit of weather forecasting in

‘Will it Rain?’ Watch out for the monster Ms. Shepard!

Will It Rain

Find out about forces in this hard hitting, thrilling, action packed episode of

A-Force: the movie by pupils in Year 6. This film was directed by

Margo Rodrigo and Scott Griffin.

A-Force – The Movie

Mr O’Donnell and 4O had to travel all the way to the Caribbean to find the sun.

It was an expensive science lesson, but well worth it as they found out how to

keep cool even in the hottest conditions. Their film has a title that works on

more than one level:   ‘Keeping it Cool’.

Keeping It Cool

5S nearly have their fun spoilt by the wicked Sand Man,

but using science they manage to resolve their problem in

‘Evaporation in a Sandpit’.

Evaporation In a Sandpit