House System

From the start of Year 1 all pupils are assigned to one of our four school houses: Bank, Beverly, Castelnau and Mortlake. Competitive events – academic and sporting – are held throughout the school year. Points are assigned and the house with the most points at the end of the year is presented with the House Cup in the final assembly of the academic year. Pupils are made very aware of how important it is to be either a humble winner, or a gracious loser. Competition is healthy and succeeds in bringing the very best out of children.

We believe that having a healthy body is linked to having a healthy mind and feeling good about oneself. We also see how sporting competition can contribute to children achieving positive academic outcomes. If well taught and well organized competitive sport is not only fun, it helps to build character. Qualities such as self-belief; determination; perseverance; courage; leadership and resilience can all be fostered through engagement in competitive sporting contests. Furthermore, sport can teach important values such as fairness, respect, discipline, grace and humility.

Our house competition programme is not solely about sport though, it contains a large number of non-sporting events. These include: a house handwriting competition; a house memory competition; a house reading competition; a house reading in a language other than English competition; a public speaking competition and a poetry recital competition.


Siblings are always in the same house. Children have a chance to represent their house in a wide variety of sporting and educational competitions throughout the school year . Parents are asked to purchase a special house T-shirt so that pupils can be easily distinguished when taking part in competitive events. House colours are: Bank-yellow; Beverly-blue; Castelnau-green and Mortlake-white.

 House competition winners

2016-17  Mortlake

2015-16  Bank

2014-15  Bank

2013-14  Beverley

2012-13 Castelnau

2011-12  Beverley

2010-11  Beverley

2009-10  Castelnau

2008-09  Bank

2007-08  Mortlake

2006-07  Mortlake

Total wins:  Bank: 3;  Beverley: 3;  Mortlake: ;  Castelnau: 2


House competitions scheduled for 2016-17

Autumn Term 2017

  • House handwriting                                           The week of 4.9.17
  • Key Stage 2 Autumn Term Sports Day         Friday 22nd September 2017
  • The Vine Park Relay                                         Friday 6th October 2017
  • Tugging in the Park                                          Friday 11th  November 2017
  • House memory competition                          2nd half of term
  • Poetry recital competition                              Thursday 23rd November
  • House reading competition                            2nd half of term

108Spring Term 2017

  • Public Speaking competition
  • House reading in a language other than English
  • House table tennis
  • House rugby


Summer Term 2017

  • Bench basketball
  • Key Stage 1 Sports Day
  • Key Stage 2 Sports Day