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English skills websites


Match the ContractionA drag and drop activity to test your knowledge on the use of apostrophes in contractions.
Comic MasterCreate your own graphic comic novel with this ingenious piece of software
Spelling TestThis spelling test is on words that end in ‘ing’. Be careful because some are tricky when you need to double the end consonant.
Hard Spell Want the ultimate spelling challenge? think you’re good at spelling? This will test you! Very tricky words against the clock.
Fairground SpellsA set of interactive rides and stalls on a fairground, where children can practise their spelling in a fun way. Content is focused on Key Stage 3 English, but an older primary aged pupil may enjoy the challenge of trying some of the games too.
Key Stage 2 Bitesize EnglishReading, writing and spelling and grammar skills can help you tell a story, share your ideas, write a letter and make sense of instructions. We use them everyday and they help us understand each other.

Mathematics websites

Name of activityDescription
Maths ZoneOver 100 different mathematical activities that children can do to practise their skills.
Billy BugBilly Bug and his new quest for grubAn enjoyable activity for testing your knowledge of coordinates. This activity allows children to find food for Billy Bug (working in the first quadrant).This second activity is more complex as the bug needs assistance to find food across four quadrants. This involves children working with positive and negative numbers.
Multiplication table dartboardPractise all your multiplication tables againts the clock. Answers are provided for you if you can’t do one. A really good site for developing speed at calculating.
Dartboard mental mathsPractise a range of skills (doubling, halving, rounding, finding percentages) against the clock using a dartboard full of questions. This site offers a wide range of learning opportunities relating to many different aspects of number.
Money gamesEight different games which involve making calculations with money. Items come along on a supermarket conveyor belt and questions are set. A range of levels of difficulty are available.
Visual fractionsAn extremely good website for helping children understand fractions. A range of visual models assist children to appreciate different ways in which a fraction can be represented. Learn to identify, compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. This website is designed for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils.
Higher and lowerFour quantities are given and children have to put them in order of size. There are lots of different examples: ordering whole numbers, decimals, fractions and positive/negative integers. The latter activities are especially good for Year 5/6 pupils.
Bracket basicsThis site helps children to learn how brackets are used in mathematics. There is an easier and a harder section.
Broken calculatorMost of the keys have fallen off the calculator. Can you create a series of numbers that are given by using the keys that still remain? A great activity to develop strategies for problem solving. Questions can be posed at a wide range of different levels of difficulty.
Stop the Clock 5Match digital a.m./p.m. times to 24 hour clock times. A great way of matching different representations of time.
The Award CeremonyAct as a judge at the Olympic Games. Look at the performance of competitors in different events and decide upon their positions. A really good site for putting measurement skills into practise. Knowledge of decimal fractions is required.
Perimeter and area booster activitiesTry to calculate the perimeter and area of some different shapes. A tutorial is offered to remind the player how to make these calculations.
Post the shapesAn activity to assist the development of understanding about rotation, reflection and translation. Children can also extend their understanding of coordinates. The game can be played at a range of levels.
Alien FunctionA challenging activity involving children working out a function by interpreting the output from a number they have chosen to input.
Post sortingA series of activities including rounding and equivalent fractions. There are a range of different activities available. Most Year 5 and 6 pupils should try the more challenging tasks.
Carroll DiagramsGood for developing thinking about the properties of numbers. This site will also assist pupils to revise their knowledge of key mathematical vocabulary.
SudoukuIf your child has learnt how to do a Sudouku puzzle, they will find a new puzzle to do every day on this website. There are a range of levels of challenge available from very easy to very hard.
Grade 6A Canadian website containing a series of animated ‘mathematical stories’ with a series of multiple choice questions about mathematical concepts. There are 21 different stories available.
Mathematical Activities for Year 6A series of 10 different activities for Year 6 children designed by the Department for Education and Skills.
Reflective symmetryA very good website for teaching children about reflective symmetry.

Science websites

Solids, liquids and gasesSuperb cartoon animations about the characteristics of solids, liquids and gases.
Pollen ParkDiscover the fascinating world of flowering plants and their reproductive lifescycles in this interactive website.
Power UpFind out all about electricity: where it comes from; what a circuit is and how to use it safely.
Biology of PlantsA non-interactive factual site that contains all the key information about plants. The information is very well presented and thei are supportive videos.
Nature ExplorersAnother non-interactive website. This one provides information about different creatures in their natural habitats.
Energy ChestA treasure trove of information and activities to support pupils aged 8 to 14. The site is divided into three modules: Energy in Buildings, Energy and the Environment and Energy Sources. Colourful and well thought out.
Life CyclesDrag and drop activities about the life cycles of plants, frogs and humans.
Engineering interactA very exciting site designed by Cambridge University. Children are given important missions and are taught concepts through exciting stories. They are also given activities to do. The site is particularly good for learning about light, sound and forces.
Bite Size Science revisionA range of interactive activities relating to all aspects of the Key Stage 2 primary curriculum
The Children’s University of ManchesterVisit a children’s science university crammed with activities to do online. A fascinating website.
Church Farm TrailFollow the farm trail to explore habitats and food chains on this organic farm in Berkshire.