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Name of activity & area of learningDescription
Types of Sentence EnglishAn interactive activity with Ed the Owl who will help children to learn different types of sentences and the punctuation that goes with them. Questions are posed in the form of a multiple choice quiz.
Space Hangman EnglishAn interactive version of the traditional hangman game. This site supports the development of spelling skills.
Squanky the Tooth Taker Tooth Tally EnglishLearn about synonyms with a tooth fairy
Don’t use Said EnglishLearn some alternative words that could be used in a narrative. Find out about the correct punctuation of direct speech too.
CBBC Newsround English A news site from the BBC for children. You can listen and read news items as well as send in your comments. Check out the Harry Potter pages and vote for your favourite baddie.
Big Toe Books EnglishListen to stories that are read in parts. The storybooks change on a regular basis
Learning vocabulary can be fun English Word searches, crosswords, hangman, matching games and quizzes to develop children’s reading skills.


Name of activity & area of learningDescription
Thinking of a number MathematicsUse reasoning and knowledge of number properties to guess what a number is from given clues.
Are you a maths magician? MathematicsSharpen your mental mathematics skills by answering addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions at speed against the clock. The questions can be set at different levels of difficulty.
Measures MathematicsNumber activities involving length, weight, capacity and time which will help to improve children’s mental maths skills and their understanding of measurement.
Angles game MathematicsShoot down a spaceship by estimating the angle of the laser. This simple games tests knowledge of angles from 0 to 180 degrees.
Symmetry game MathematicsTest your knowledge of reflective symmetry in 2 dimensional shapes.
Triangle sort MathematicsRecognise the difference between equilateral, isosceles and scalene triangles in this interactive sorting activity. A range of other games are also available.
Sum Sense Division MathematicsTest your knowledge of division by creating sums from given digits. An excellent way of improving division skills in a problem solving context.
Division Factory MathematicsTest your understanding of basic division: pitched at the level of an average Year 3 pupil.
Millenium Bug Race MathematicsA game for 2 involving adding 2 numbers together as quickly as possible. Good for sharpening up addition skills. The game can be played at different levels of difficulty.
Sorting games MathematicsNine different sorting activities to help the development of reasoning.
Calculation Balance MathematicsGood for number bond work and learning multiplication tables. There are a range of different activities available.
Post Sorting MathematicsA series of different activities all of which involve pupils posting a letter: tens and units; rounding; converting pence to pounds and vice versa.
Guess My Number MathematicsGood for basic algebra work and understanding about inverse operations.
Hit the button MathematicsThe best possible way to practise multiplication tables. Children have to either find the answer to a multiplication question or use the answer to find the question. The site is also useful for ‘quick fire’ number bonds work and deriving division facts.
Fractions MathematicsA range of activities to assist children to understand more about fractions.
GhostBlasters MathematicsA game to help children recognise multiples.
Angle activities MathematicsDifferent activities to help your child measure angles accurately. There is a moveable protractor that can be used to measure different sized angles.


Name of activity & area of learningDescription
It’s up to you ScienceAn animated BBC site about keeping healthy for 7 to 9 year olds. Find out about healthy food and how exercise is good for you.
Dynamo’s Lab ScienceDrop and drag activities about animals. Involves learning about classification and animal habitats.
Healthy Lunchbox ScienceCreate a healthy lunchbox by dragging and dropping from a choice of different items.
Life Cycle of a Tree ScienceWatch an animation of the life cycle of a tree and then see if you put the pictures in order.
Put Annie back together ScienceAn activity to help children learn about the main bones in the human skeleton.
Space CadetsScienceA site created by the British National Space Centre with a number of animated films providing information about day and night and our solar system.