Other teachers


Anna Freeland is the school’s Special Educational Needs Coordinator. She is non-class based and works for three and a half days a week: all day Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings. Anna teaches small groups of children who are finding learning challenging. She aims to accelerate their rates of progress. In 2015-16 she is focusing her teaching input on supporting Year 6 pupils. Anna was a previous Chair of the Parents Teachers and Friends Association (PTFA). Both her son and daughter used to attend the school.         

Brian Jones is the school’s sports and physical education specialist. Brian is utterly committed to every child at Barnes developing a lifelong love of sport and physical activity. He rarely stops: coaching school teams in the mornings; spending his breaktimes assisting children to reach amazing standards in skipping and taking after school clubs (photograph to follow).


 Karen Warner joined us in September 2013 as the school’s music teacher. For 13 years she worked as a full-time secondary school music teacher, during which time she developed a strong relationship with feeder primary schools teaching class music lessons and providing professional development to teachers in the delivery of the music curriculum. Karen plays flute and piccolo in several ensembles, including principal flute in concert bands, for amateur dramatic shows and a barn dance band. She performs in concerts throughout the year in variety of venues including Cadogan Hall, Margate Winter Gardens, Epsom Playhouse and the Wimbledon Tennis Finals.