Making online payments

To pay for your child’s school lunch you will need to activate your online account which is called +pay. Please see the instructions below:

You activate +Pay, by following the steps below:

1) Go to

2) Click the Parent login button on the top right hand side of the screen

3) Enter your user name and password and log into your account (if you have forgotten your password select the ‘forgotten password’ link and follow the prompts)

4) Once logged in, click on the Home tab and the green activation box will be displayed.

5) Enter the Activation Key CB2C5D3AE2F0348D into the field

6) Click ‘Activate’

Once you have completed this you will be able to see two new buttons on the home page of ParentMail, one called ‘View Payment Items’ and the other ‘View Payment History’. Using these two new buttons will allow you to see payments due or those already paid. You will receive messages via ParentMail to tell you when payments can be made.

Once you have activated your account you need to credit your account with the relevant amount.

Please be reassured that +Pay operates using a financial infrastructure provided by Barclays Bank and meets the highest levels of Card Security (PCI-Payment Card Industry) standards.

If you have any problems activating your ParentMail+Pay account, you can email ParentMail at

If you have any questions please email me at school

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